Knights Grievances Procedure


  1. A valid complaint/grievance must be submitted using the KNIGHTS online Grievance Form providing the necessary information (i.e., nature of the grievance, the circumstances surrounding the alleged violation, witnesses, etc.).

    Coaching decisions do not qualify is a valid complaint/grievance for the purposes of this policy. For purposes of this provision, a coaching decision includes, but is not limited to, travel team selection, playing time, position assignments, starting assignments and football strategy. Playing time guidelines and minimum play policies can be found in our by-laws found in the Document section of the KNIGHTS website.

  2. No grievance will be accepted from any person who fails to file within one week of the incident in question.
  3. No grievance will be accepted from any person who himself or herself has not complied with the Code of Conduct, including the rule requiring a 24-hour “cooling off” period prior to speaking to a coach or KNIGHTS Program Director about the incident in question, or has engaged in any threatening, abusive or harassing conduct, including verbal abuse.
  4. Details of the grievance are not to be discussed with anyone other than the party(ies) directly involved with resolving the grievance.
  5. Upon receipt, the KNIGHTS Player Agent will review the grievance and determine, in consultation with the KNIGHTS E-Board, whether the grievance will be accepted or rejected based upon adherence to aforementioned
  6. procedure. The person filing the grievance will be notified promptly whether the grievance has been accepted or rejected.1z

  7. If the grievance is accepted –
    • Formal Grievances/Complaints – Any formal grievance/complaints will be investigated by the Player Agent. Once an investigation is completed, the Player Agent will issue a summary and recommendation to the E-Board in either written or verbal manner.
    • Defense of Complaints – Any Volunteer of the KNIGHTS who receives a formal complaint will be provided an opportunity to respond to the complaint and offer witnesses or evidence to support his response before the E-Board in Executive session.
    • Disposition of Complaints – The E-Board has final ruling concerning the outcome of the complaint. A complaint can be sustained, unfounded, or not sustained by evidence to support the allegations. The final outcome could range from dismissal of the complaint to dismissal of the volunteer at the discretion of the E-Board, by a 3/4ths majority vote.
  8. Decisions of the E-Board are final and will be communicated in writing to the grieving party(ies).

    Please remember that the KNIGHTS Board is made up of volunteers and that the Knights are a Youth Sports Organization. Be cognizant of the fact that our decisions involving grievances will be what we feel is in the best interest of the children in our program. Decisions of the E-Board are final and will be communicated in writing to the grieving party(ies).

    The policy is effective as of August 13, 2020, as approved by the League’s Board of Directors.